Affiliate Partnership Program

Affiliate Partnership Program

Onboard Buyers, Earn Commission, It’s That Easy

MSM Affiliation Marketing Program

To secure the best buyers, we need the best agents, and that’s where you come in. In the past, you had to manage every deal, ensuring all deliverables were met promptly and with the promised quality. Not anymore. Onboard your clients to the MSM Trading platform and earn a commission for every purchase they make.


Sign Up

Join us, whether as an individual or a company, by providing some essential information and your tax registration number. Our dedicated administrators will carefully review your application before granting you access to our platform.


Onboard Buyers

Simplify trading for potential buyers by doing the initial registration for them. Invite them from the platform using your unique affiliate link. You’ll receive notifications once they are verified as buyers on our platform.


Earn Commission

Relax, and watch your commissions grow with every contract that your buyers conclude.


Become an Affiliate Partner

Join, onboard, and earn. It’s that simple.

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