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MSM is stimulating demand and progressing the trade of macadamia nuts by rapidly evolving e-commerce trade and the innovation applied and utilised by savvy traders, to study and access markets through transparent platforms not only disclosing price, volumes and trends, but also all other influences that can be filtered to make informed trade decisions and ease access to a market in order to trade with confidence and expedite the expansion of the macadamia market.

Why Us?

As the market evolves, it is highly beneficial for producers to leverage digital platforms like MSM to expand their reach and tap into new markets. The MSM Macadamia Trading Platform was conceived with a clear vision: to transform the macadamia trade landscape, instilling transparency, fairness, collaboration, and efficiency while unlocking new horizons of opportunity worldwide.

It’s a catalyst for industry players to trade on an international scale to ensure swift and secure trading experiences. With features that enhance accessibility, mitigate risk, assure quality, provide real-time insights, and promote sustainability, it empowers traders to thrive in the marketplace.

Through the platform, macadamia trading will evolve to become a global force that unites growers, investors, and traders like never before.

Cobus’s father Louis drafted the SAMAC Constitution and assisted two very influential pioneers, Prof Kas Holtzhausen and Philip Lee, in founding the association. Cobus himself has more than 25 years of experience in the production, processing, and marketing of macadamias. During this time, he became acutely aware of what was needed for the macadamia industry to establish its long-term prosperity and has now redirected the family business towards providing these solutions through MSM.

In the past 5 years, many underlying weaknesses in how the production and marketing of macadamias is structured were brought to the surface. Built to address these, MSM’s global trading platform and accompanying support services provide a timely pathway to prosperity through securing reliability in supply.

The MSM Trading Platform stands as a beacon of innovation in the macadamia trading arena.

Driven by our dedication to mitigating trade risks and catalyzing global sales, the platform is strategically designed to achieve several key objectives:

Price, Volume, and Trend Discovery:

By facilitating transparent market dynamics, we empower participants to make informed decisions and adapt to evolving trends seamlessly.

Quality and Safety Safeguards:

Ensuring adherence to stringent standards. Through third-party validation and dispute-resolution mechanisms, we uphold the integrity and safety of every transaction.

ESG Participation and Monitoring:

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is unwavering. By promoting ESG compliance, we foster a marketplace that prioritizes environmental and social responsibility.

Legal Fairness:

At MSM, we believe in a level playing field for all. Our platform promotes fair competition, ensuring that every participant is treated equally under the law.

Distribution Support:

Accessing markets shouldn't be a challenge. With the MSM Trading Platform, we provide invaluable support to help traders navigate complex distribution networks with confidence and precision.

7 continents, 1 platform, unrestricted growth.

We make macadamia trading simple.

Trading Platform Showcase

The MSM trading platform serves as a dynamic marketplace connecting buyers and sellers within the flourishing macadamia industry. Leveraging bespoke software, it offers a user-friendly interface where producers can showcase their offerings and buyers can easily browse and procure high-quality macadamia products.

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