Coming Soon: DNIS Listed on MSM!

Dried Nut In Shell (DNIS) Will Soon Have it’s own Section on MSM

Since the launch of our Macadamia kernel trading platform in March 2024, we’ve received numerous inquiries about trading Nut In Shell (NIS). We’re thrilled to announce that a dedicated Dried Nut In Shell (DNIS) section will be launched by the end of July 2024!


Seamless Trading Experience

Our DNIS platform will offer the same functionality as our kernel trading platform. Users can list their supply or demand at their chosen price, while other users can bid on those listings in a transparent, open market environment. 

Check out the demonstration video below if you’re unfamiliar with how our platform works.

User-Friendly and Commitment-Free

With no commitment required to list, you can create listings knowing that you are in control of the price. If you don’t get what you need from our platform, then remove your listings without any penalties.

Both buyers and sellers registered for DNIS will undergo a rigorous yet slightly modified verification process, ensuring only serious and reputable users can trade on the platform.

Stay Informed and Get Ready

If you haven’t already, subscribe to our weekly and monthly market reviews to stay updated. We’ll notify you as soon as the DNIS section is live and ready for sign-ups!

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