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Real-Time, Filter-able and Interactive Graphs

Since April 2024, MSM has been sending out weekly and monthly market reviews. If you’re not receiving them, please subscribe by clicking here. Through these reviews, we’ve significantly increased market transparency, thanks to processors, farmers, and Stratamarkets who disclose information to us. Thank you.

The Next Step: Subscription Member’s Portal

These reports are just the first step in information accessibility. Our next step is the Subscription Member’s Portal, which will allow anyone to access the same real-time information and tools available to traders on the Macadamia Sales Market.

Interactive Graph Demonstration


The image above shows a rough demonstration of how the interaction works. Please note that the figures are illustrative and not from real trades. The information aggregated in the graph is live from the trading platform, displaying supply and demand through offers and orders listed by verified sellers and buyers. Once a listing is accepted by another user, it moves to the concluded section and is no longer available for bids by other users. This enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of the market, knowing exactly when is the right time to sell or buy macadamias.

Filter and Analyze

The filters on the left narrow the information used to create the graph. Each individual listing is also shown beneath the graph. With this information, you can see each factor’s effect on price and the size of supply and demand for that product. Filter by style, country of origin, or safety certification, among others. This enables you to step into negotiations confidently, knowing current prices.

Nominal Fee

Access to the member’s portal will come at a nominal fee, which is still being determined. We’re eager to hear your thoughts!

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